Grace History

Our first worship service was January 5, 1986 in Dick and Betsy Green’s home in Landenburg, Pennsylvania. Forty-two people attended.
On January 12, 1986, we began meeting Sunday afternoons at the Grange on Limestone Road. Grace Church became affiliated with the Evangelical Free Church of America  January 15, 1986.
Skyline Middle School
In April of 1986, Grace Church began having services and skyline_9450Sunday School at Skyline Middle School. 
Reverend Gregory Hullinger became our pastor in August 1986.
In December 1987, worship service attendance was averaging 80 and Sunday School 43. Mid-week services were held at the Grange on Tuesday evenings.
Early in 1988 Pastor Hullinger began teaching during mid-week prayer meeting on the topic of elders ruling the church as opposed to the congregation ruling the church. Some charter members did not agree with this teaching. This caused a split in the church and during the next 10 months 20 charter members left Grace Church.
The Independence School
On Dec. 3, 1989, Grace Church began meeting for worship servicesthe-independence-school-d0ysgp at The Independence School.  
Pastor Hullinger resigned, effective Dec. 31, 1989.
Dave Brady, an elder at the time of Pastor Hullinger’s resignation, felt led to become a candidate for the position of pastor. Dave labored and ministered effectively and met the qualifications for pastor, including seminary and pastoral experience. He began preaching after Pastor Hullinger left and became full time pastor in September 1990.
In December 1990, the congregation voted to change the Sunday morning schedule to include a 90 minutes worship service and no Sunday School (Children met separately during the sermon). Wednesday prayer meeting was discontinued but care groups and a men’s meeting were held bi-weekly. 
In Spring 1991 Grace Church began Adventure Club for children, which eventually developed into an outreach ministry. The ladies also met for Bible and topical studies during this time. Additionally, Brothers in Christ Men’s Group began meeting bi-weekly.
1991 brought many changes. Unfortunately, during the course of the year many of our members were transferred to other states because of work.
Dave Brady, dealing with family issues and other matters, was given a leave of absence. On Oct. 10, 1993, the congregation voted to accept the resignation of Pastor Dave effective December 31, 1993.  John Breuckman of Manthetic Institute became interim pastor.
Grace Church was still meeting at The Independence School on November 1, 1994, when Ken Aull was voted to be our third pastor. Pastor Aull faithfully enriched the congregation with sound biblical teaching and preaching each week. During his ministry a team was formed for the purpose of purchasing a meetinghouse. Unfortunately, the team was not successful. On January 20, 2003, Ken Aull resigned as pastor, effective April 13, 2003.
Pastor Gayle Ryle was our interim pastor from April 2003 to January 31, 2004. Pastor Ryle and his wife, Charlene, were a wonderful gift to help us through our vacancy period.
Pastor Greg Barrier came to Grace Church in February of 2004 Pastor Greg Barrierwhile we were still meeting at Independence School. Pastor Greg continued the Grace Church disciplines of prayer, small groups, missions, and exegetical Bible teaching and expanded the direction of the church in the areas of evangelism and discipleship. At this time there was a renewed commitment to find and establish a permanent home. The leadership searched with varying intensity during the next 13 years. At least 5 different locations were pursued, each ending in a dead end. God was not going to make this easy (in human terms).
Calvary Baptist Church
We moved from Independence School in December 2009 tocavary-baptist meet on Sunday afternoons at Calvary Baptist Church. Unfortunately, meeting on Sunday afternoons began to negatively affect the attendance at the church.
Newark Church of the Nazarene Lower Bldg.
In August of 2012, we moved to 357 Papermill Road, renting aP1040684building from the Nazarene Church of Newark, where we could begin meeting on Sunday morning again. We quickly had visitors who stayed with us.
In January 2015, we began again a search for a permanent place to meet. Providentially, we were invited by the Nazarene Church of Newark to consider buying the older Nazarene Church Building on the same property where the newer building was (in which we were meeting). The Nazarene Church offered the older building to us at the exact price that the elders were considering offering for the newer building. The Nazarene Church wanted a higher price for the newer building, and we felt this was a sign from God of where He wanted us to be. After much negotiation, the two churches agreed on a final price and began moving toward the purchase in May of 2015. Purchasing the building was a long, detailed process, but in God’s time we finalized the purchase of the building on November 18, 2016 and had the first service on November 20, 2016.
Grace Church
We had a CELEBRATION SERVICE on January 8, 2017 and remembered what God had done in the life of Grace Church and its people over the past 31 years. We built a stone monument for the people to see every time they walk into the building to serve as a reminder of all God had done over the past 31 years and to be an encouragement of what He will do in the years to come.
We have reached out in the communities we have served in many ways over the last 13 years through events such as  Family Life Ministry’s Art of Marriage, Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace, community events such as Tunes and Trucks, car washes, participation in community festivals, and more. We look forward to how God will use us and this wonderful new home for His glory.



 “God is Faithful


Financial Peace
AOM Poster
In 2017-2018 Grace Church began a concentrated effort to reach out to Newark and the surrounding community. We hosted a Country Fair/Grand Opening on September 15, 2018.
Over 500 people came and enjoyed adult and children’s activities and had the opportunity to receive evangelic materials and have people pray with them.
In October 2018 Grace Church initiated a monthly dinner with an adult and children’s program to minister to Grace Church and the surrounding community.