Sermon Series
Sermon Series: Images of the Gospel
     Series Summary: A new sermon series this week: “Images of the Gospel”             from the book of Psalms. Psalms are poetry, and poetry is all about the         
     images that the words place in our mind.
Sermon: Sunday July 21, 10:15 AM  
Psalm 34  “God, our Redeemer”  
     Sermon Summary: Redemption involves an exchange and a price to be
     paid. What is that exchange and what is the price to be paid? Join us at
     Grace Church this Sunday, 10:15, and let’s explore these ideas together.                             


                                    Upcoming Events
                Weekly prayer: In addition to the Sunday evening prayer meeting
                (4-6 pm) there is now a Wednesday morning prayer time (10-11 am)
                here at Grace. If you are unable to be at prayer Sunday evening, or if
                you would like to pray more with others, come and join us. 
                Ladies’ Bible Fellowship: Meets at Barb Fraser’s home 6:45-8:30 the
                first and third Thursday of the month. (Ladies Bible Fellowship will not                     meet during the summer but will meet again beginning in September)