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Yard Sale to benefit Hope Anew Ministries in Kenya 

April 6 & May 4, 2019 

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                        – Sermon Series –        
          Sermon series: Moses was a normal guy whom God used.
          Series summary: Moses was a normal guy with fears just like us,
          and yet God used him in a great way. What can we learn from the
          life of Moses that in our day might help us be God’s people?


          Sermon: Sunday, March 24: Exodus 16:1-36
          Moses… providing food and water, God is the One who provides food
          and water for us (Part 2).


          With the parting of the Red Sea, a celebration breaks out…but not for                    long. Just like you and I, with the next problem, the people of Israel                        begin to grumble and complain.

          What is the solution to our grumbling and complaining? Join us at Grace                Church this Sunday as we look at God providing for His people and how                to change our ways.
                                    Upcoming Events
                First Wednesday, Mar. 6: All are invited. A free dinner is at 6:15 pm,
                program 7-8 pm. Dr. Steve Dunn, pediatric transplant surgeon, will
                present the message, “Mindfulness, Meditation and Prayer”.   
                Weekly prayer: In addition to the Sunday evening prayer meeting
                (4-6 pm) there is now a Wednesday morning prayer time (10-11 am)
                here at Grace. If you are unable to be at prayer Sunday evening, or if
                you would like to pray more with others, come and join us. 
                Ladies’ Bible Fellowship: As of Jan. 10,  Ladies’ Bible Fellowship will
                meet at Barb Fraser’s home Thursdays  6:45-8:30 pm instead of
                Tuesdays. Beginning in February, we will meet on the first and third
                Thursdays of the month.