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Yard Sale to benefit Hope Anew Ministries in Kenya 

Saturday, May 4, 2019 

                             Sermon Series
       Sermon Series: Easter Before and After…
       Series Summary: What were the events that occurred before and after                   Jesus’ resurrection? This sermon series focuses on how these events                   should affect our lives today.
       Sermon: Sunday May  26   Acts 3 
       Daily Repentance
       Sermon Summary: We sometimes don’t understand or recognize the sin
       that lurks in our minds and hearts. But when we do, there is only one                     response: REPENTANCE.
       Join us this Sunday at Grace Church at 10:15, and let’s explore why                       repentance is important.
                                    Upcoming Events
                Weekly prayer: In addition to the Sunday evening prayer meeting
                (4-6 pm) there is now a Wednesday morning prayer time (10-11 am)
                here at Grace. If you are unable to be at prayer Sunday evening, or if
                you would like to pray more with others, come and join us. 
                Ladies’ Bible Fellowship: Meets at Barb Fraser’s home 6:45-8:30 the
                first and third Thursday of the month. (Ladies Bible Fellowship will not                     meet during the summer but will begin again in September.