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John 1:14

May God Bless
the Hearing of His Word
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New Sermon Series… David, a Life Well Lived

Did David live life well because he was perfect…
Didn’t make mistake…Didn’t have bad days…
Didn’t commit sin?  I don’t think so. 
Join us as we explore over the next few months what made David’s life and what makes our lives
“Well Lived”.
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   Questions to go deeper from this message…
1. What mistakes have you made or sin have you committed in your walk with God?
2. How do you think they were failures in faith?
3. How did you respond?  After hearing this message would you respond differently? 
   Questions to go deeper from this message…
1. What challenges are you facing that no one sees?
2. How are you responding?
3. How might doing the right thing (related to that challenge) when no one is watching,

help prepare you for a time when people are watching?

   Questions to go deeper from this message…
1. What do you think your spiritual gifts are?  (Take the Grace Church Assessment, ask someone, get involved in a ministry…)
2. How do you think God might want to use your gifts in the church and outside the church, i.e. to ”love and care for the church and community in the Spirit of Christ”?

3. If you were to use this gift how might your life and the life of someone else be different?

09-24-17 – 1 Samuel 17:45-47 – “David, a Man of Faith and Courage”

   Questions to go deeper from this message…
1. What challenges are you facing in your life?
2. What kind of emotions or thoughts does your challenge evoke in you?

3. How do you deal with those emotions and thoughts? Do you believe that you can trust God with that challenge? How is God leading you to move ahead strongly in life?